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An Angel Prayer

For every time I've stumbled,
There is a time I've shone-
For every time I've messed things up,
There is a time I've grown.
I know my Lord in heaven
Is watching over me-
At times He sends His angels,
At times He lets me be-
For life without some trials
Would be quite plain, indeed,
And I wouldn't learn the lessons
Which He knows that I will need.
So, bravely I endeavor
To live my life with grace,
Aware of all those angels
Who are close by-
"just in case."

~Title and author unknown~

"Our Golden Dream"

The Sun rises, to make
a golden sky
as golden as my dreams.
Our love goes on and on,
Like a flowing stream.
If I were an angel,
I'd choose you to walk the
You'd dazzle the world,
with your shinning eyes.
We don't have to prove to
the world
that this is meant to be.
Just believe in our love
and we'll find our
golden dreams.

"Heartwarming Friendship"

You are the one who makes
each day fun.
You are the one who
gives me your kind love.
You seem to be the perfect
So I know we'll be
together till the end.
For no matter what,
Your always there,
and no matter what,
You always care.
A part of you has
grown in me.
Together for always and
never apart.
Maybe in distance,but
never in heart

"Free Flight"

Free like the wind
and soaring high
Sometimes i'd like to be
a butterfly.
So just for today
let me be free
To chase my own rainbows
and celebrate me.
I'll never forget our love
and our happy times together.
I'll cherish what we had
now and forever.
So free like the wind
and soaring high
yes, just for today
I am a butterfly.

"Treasured Love"

You hold me the same
that a man in an
art gallery
holds onto a masterpiece.
You look at me sometimes
like a prince from a
fairy tale
might look at his
You've made love into a
ceremony that reaches
to the
Deepest part of my heart.
All i wanted was to love
Not knowing you'd return
a love few dare to
dream about.

"You Are..."

You are the light
My life shines through.
My life could never be as
and it's with with you,
you are the sun
when my days filled with
Without you, my life
would'nt be the same.
you are the gold
In my blue-skied day.
All the things you've done
I could never repay.
You are the rainbow
after a storm of great night.
You brighten my day
and light up my night,
You are the light,the
The gold, the rainbow.
Nothing could better
why I love you so.

"That Special Dance"

As you lead me onto the dance
and we danced that special
all my fantasies came
of adventure and romance.
as you held me close and
and we danced to songs so
We whispered little secrets
that only we would know.
Then, as the music ended,
and we parted"till next time,"
I was so very happy
It was then, I knew
you'd be mine.
You are mine and I am your's,
We'll stay together to the end,
No other ever for you and me.

"Handle With Care"

Hearts are fragile
They need special care
Feeling's are tender
They can easily tear
Hearts often break
Because of hurts deep inside
Feelings locked up,
Tears silently cried
Hearts can be mended
With love and affection;
Feelings made stronger
Given acceptance
instead of rejection.


You said you loved me
with all your heart;
That never again
would we be apart.
But look at us now,
So different and strange;
who would have ever thought
we both would change.
But I want you to know
That from the beginning;
The love we felt never died;
But just kept fading.
and that faded love
I hold dearly in my heart;
For it's given me strength
Since we've been apart.
I thank you,
For the times we shared,
and through everything that's
I always knew you cared.
So you see my love,
We changed so much with each
new day,
That the love we felt never died;
It just faded away.

"A Corner Of My Mind"

I've tried to block your memory
To protect me from the pain,
Pretend I never knew you
and never heard your name.
But the walls I built are'nt strong
and though I fight my tears in vain,
The feelings still come creeping
and the hurt is still the same.
I wish that I could forget you
or make you see me now.
I thought you really cared
but it seems you don't know how.
The pain will ease with time
and the tears will subside.
and though I know it's over,
that what we had is gone,
The memories will live forever
In a corner of my mind.

"Mended Heart"

On a dark,cloudless night,
I peered into the sky,
When I suddenly saw a shimmer
of light
My heart could not deny.
It glared upon the surface
of a love that could'nt last,
Then pierced inside a broken heart
with memories from the past.
It's gleaming streams of rays
Touched the teardrops falling down,
and gently wiped away the hurt
From which my heart was bound.
I shivered as my heart let go
of dreams I had of you,
and mended back my broken heart
That once was torn in two.

"Love Games"

You say that you love me
then leave me again.
Stop playing these love games
where I never win.
I thought when I met you
your feelings were true.
you said you loved me,
If only I knew.
So when you get bored,
or desperate or down,
Don't come running to me,
I won't be around.
Because love's not a game,
where the winner is you.
Love's an emotion,
Shared between two.

*Authors unknown if you know the authors email me so i can give proper credit*

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